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Fakaza is compiled by a pool of Bloggers, journalists and photographers living in Africa and around the globe.

Our contributors are trusted to honestly reflect the unique interests, opinions and attitudes of Africans Entertainment, Sport and Politics.

Each Article, News, Pictures and Video you sent to us that are published, Earn you $1 and  credited to your name at the end of the post.

NB. All contents must be original before submissions, Copied Contents from other platform will not be published.

Our contributors are uniquely placed to report on the events and issues that affect the lives of our readers, including all that are happening around Entertainment industry in Africa, sport  growth in Africa and all that are happening around Political arena in Africa .

We cover all news from South africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, etc. We also publish a number of columns and opinion pieces.

Fakaza is an opportunity for journalists, Blogger and photographers to give a voice to our community and gain valuable exposure and experience in the process.

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