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I wish your mother was alive – Heavy K’s Dad

Heavy-K shared how emotional his Dad was after he gifted him with a new crib. His dad cried and said he wished Heavy-K’s mum was alive to witness her son’s success. (:The star shared with reporters the hurt he and his dad felt after his mother’s death. He said; “It was very emotional because he cried. My father is a strong man and I’ve never really seen him cry, but he was so overwhelmed that he couldn’t hold it in. We both cried when it happened, (: He also revealed how he surprised his Dad with a new house and the process he took to get that possible;

“After that trip, I did my research and found the agent who was selling the house. I bought that house cash. It was one of the proudest moments in my life then I prepared to go get him.”

(:As we drove there, he was confused because he saw that the house we were driving towards looked like the one he liked from that other time. However, there a lot of activity as we approached with people putting furniture in i acted surprised for a moment then went to get the keys for the house and handed them over to him. It was just precious.

(:The first words he said was, ‘I wish your mother was here.’ He told me how proud he was of us. He said, ‘I can’t believe that I lived like a slave all my life and in my last days I live like a king. (:However, Heavy-K’s got more success story on queue as he just dropped his latest album weeks ago titled Respect The DrumBoss.


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