Chioma Threatened By Her Father Over Romance With Davido

A prattle Nigerian man who has assumed control over the place Chioma Rowland sibling – the present sweetheart of whiz music star, Davido, has given her some capable expressions of exhortation.
A man is aggravated that Davido could impregnate Chioma and she winding up like his other babymama.
A man by the handle Mbosi111 on instagram said Davido needs to visit Chioma’s main residence in Imo State for customary marriage rituals as opposed to making a reality show out of their sentiment.
“Chioma my little girl this is your broda. If you don’t mind take Davido to Imo State let him come pay your lady of the hour cost authoritatively. This photo up amd down won’t help us on the grounds that if looker enter now, him go stop you one side and the following one go be Ngozi. Satisfy the expression of older folks is knowledge alright,” Mbosi posted on Instagram, and this has circulated around the web.
It would be remembered that
has father 2 youngsters from 2 diverse mother.

Some days prior we declared the spotlight the way Davido treats Chioma his better half, and his exorbitant birthday present to her few days back turn something greater.
The artist talk some days in the wake of gifting her a Porsche auto that some organization needed to embrace her with N60 million however he denied them and instructed them to expand it to N100 million cos she’s esteemed more than that.

Davido uncovered by means of his Twitter handle on Tuesday, May 1, 2018, where he tweeted about it.
“Just got an underwriting offer for my child 60 m I let them know bring 100m then she may consider it,” he tweeted.
All things considered, it appears that Davido has acknowledged her to sign for a brand in Abuja.
Subsequent to celebrating at a dance club follwing his triumph where he gathered five honors ath the headies 2018,Davido set out to Abuja.

Davido took after her to the brand’s photoshot in Abuja.