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“I Miss Nothing” (Beyonce) Bonang Matheba replied AKA

*While AKA has been on a dissing spree through his music and Twitter page‚ Bonang has been throwing some massive shade of her own on the cover of magazines.

*AKA and Bonang broke up several months ago‚ and have both erupted Mzansi with their explosive comments about each other.

*At first both Bonang and AKA were relatively silent on the split and had everyone thinking it was amicable.

But boy‚ was everyone so wrong!

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*In an interview with Drum magazine Bonang said that she was happily single and there definitely wasn’t any chance of her and the rapper getting back together.

*Queen B also added some major spice‚ telling the mag that she didn’t miss much about her former bae.

““I miss nothing‚ or I don’t know‚ maybe he was funny‚ I guess – that’s it.”“

*Ntsiki Mazwai: Euphonik & AKA‚ Bonang made you!
Ntsiki Mazwai has come out to defend Bonang Matheba as AKA went on the rampage to air their dirty laundry.

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*She said that after the break-up she threw herself into her work‚ and is loving all the time she has to focus on her craft.

*AKA went on the rampage on Wednesday dropping explosive bars in a video that went viral.

*Waited two years just to see you with your weave off… What that say about your character‚ you was f**king me while I was paying damages‚” he rapped in the video.

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*Then on Thursday he told fans on Twitter that he never thought he would be so bitter about love. It was all in the lead-up to the release of his two singles‚ Beyonce and Amen.bThe bars that he dropped on Wednesday are part of the lyrics of Beyonce.

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